Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday in Pelo Sinal

Today we went back to Pelo Sinal primarily to put the new roof on Jose's house. How like God to put on our team an engineer and 3 men who work in construction!! The old tin roof had already been removed so our guys along with the owner Jose, our bus driver Manuel, Pr. Carlos, and Pr. Moabi got right to work. Cheryl, Emilie, and Monica also worked at the house throughout the morning. Even better, Jose and his oldest daughter accepted Christ!!! (His wife accepted on Saturday.)

The rest of the team divided up and went on house visits. One team (Bonita, Sheila, Faith, and Katarina) were able to visit with a woman who had attempted suicide when we were there on Saturday. We heard about it after she had been taken to the hospital. They were able to share the gospel with her today and she accepted Christ. She was open with what she had done and our group was able to tell her how devestated we were to hear about it. We were so grateful to have the chance to come back today----especially since this was a change in schedule! She said learning about Jesus and receiving salvation was "just what she needed."

DJ, Shelby, Justin, and Ruth went to a type of recycling center where kids were making things out of recycled objects---cans, cardboard, plastic, etc. Not really sure if this was part of a school or not. But they were able to share Christ with them using salvation bracelets. The teacher and 5 or 6 students accepted Christ. Our kids gave them each 2 bracelets, one to keep and one to share. See! The kids are fantastic missionaries!!

Tomorrow we leave our hotel and travel 3 hrs to a new city called Arco Verde. We will be going to a school and a daycare. Since this is a new place we aren't exactly sure what all we will be doing. But to be sure, God does!!

We'll be staying there tomorrow night and going back to Recife on Friday for the day. Then we come home on Saturday. Not sure if we'll have internet access after tonight. So just keep praying and we'll definitely blog as soon as we can.


Tracy said...

Team Brazil, you are a great encouragement to me!! Glory to Jesus for the salvations and testimonies of the saints!!!! Way to go!!

Harper said...

Every day ya'll blog it seems more and more have come to Christ. I can't wait to get to Brazil one year and see all the people ya'll are plessing. Keep up the good work there, and we'll keep praying safe. (Pssst, mr. chad, did you score me any goals in soccer?)

petrii said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I've been praying for ya'll and will continue. What an awesome testimony you all have. PRAISE THE LORD for these salvations and all that He is doing through you.

Blessings to you all,
Dawn (in MO)