Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday in Solidao and Monday in Ingazeria

Sunday in Solidao started in the school with a little program for the kids. The local pastor's teenage daughters led them in singing and games. Some of us hiked to the statue that overlooks the city. It has sort of become tradition to go there and pray over the city. The others stayed at the bottom of the hill and witnessed to a few people. One woman approached the group and asked why they were there. What a perfect opportunity!

We were able to visit with a lady (Damiana) with whom we've had previous contact. Her baby was named after Wendi McCarn who led Damiana to the Lord 2 years ago. Baby Wendi is beautiful and we'll post pics soon. This family is still faithfully attending church and growing in the Lord. Her husband who was an alcoholic 2 years ago is a believer and is now mentored by Pastor Moab weekly. Praise God!

The afternoon was spent ministering to Pastor Moab and Pastor Carlos and their families. We had the privilege to wash their feet---literally. They were encouraged and we were blessed to honor them for all they do as missionaries in this area all year long.

The team ended the day at a worship service. Brooke, KP, and Chad gave their testimonies. The team performed a skit originated by Mark Kessler and the Steele Creek youth (to "God of This City") It was a late night but a very encouraging Lord's Day.

Monday we travelled to Ingazeira and Cacimbinha. These two places are very oppressed and have previously been difficult to witness and form relationships in. Some of the group led a program for the younger kids at the school including face painting and singing. Shelby and Brooke used the story of Joseph and his brothers to teach about forgiveness.

DJ, Chad, Justin, Hebert, and Rico met a group of teenage boys and witnessed to them. All 3 accepted Christ! One wanted a group to go talk to his mother and another wanted to know how to study the Bible and start a Bible study.

Meanwhile, Sheila, Emilie, and Katarina went next door to the boy's home and witnessed to his mother, grandmother, and sister and they accepted Christ as well. God is moving in that little village!

The elders of the village (which is only about 10 homes) met in one house with Pastor Carlos and Pastor Moab and some of our team. This was a time of building trust and relationship.

In the afternoon in Ingazeira, there was a boy's soccer game. Daniel, Hebert, Rico, KP, DJ, and Justin played the Brazilians and actually won! DJ and Justin gave their testimonies and did a great job. The girls played a handball game (NOT the Americans). We had a little worship service afterwards. Kesia sang and Shelby gave her testimony. We also performed the skit again.

During the games, some of the team went on house visits. Many people prayed to receive Christ. God did some miraculous things today and answered prayers of Pastor Carlos as many people he had been praying for were saved.

Tomorrow we go to Agua Branca which is a new city for the team. We are expecting great things!!

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Megan said...

Wow!! I was in tears from the moment I read about the baby being named after Wendi and the tears kept flowing as I read. To God be the glory!! I am so excited for all of you and can't wait to read even more as the trip progresses. Love you all!