Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here's just a taste...

This is a video we made on our previous trip. It's Pastor Carlos, with Pastor Roger translating. We're so excited to get there!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready!!!!

God has been good! Preparations are well underway...............let's see......Bibles are here, all the VISA's came back finally, the lotion has been purchased and distributed, team shirts are done, soccer balls, cleats, and uniforms have been collected, we have worshipped, we have prayed. Tonight is our last Brazil team meeting as we gather to watch The Passion of the Christ movie this afternoon and take communion together. Then we get to "chow down" as our brazilian brother Diego says. Oh....I almost forgot..............we will be "commissioned" together Sunday at a special prayer service. What an awesome way to go out!!

Pray for the final leg of preparation...........stuffing our suitcases and not forgetting anything that we need! What a blessing and comfort it is to know that so many people will be "covering" us in prayer. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you Lord!

Brazil Trip Itinerary

Subject to change

09/03/08 9:35am Depart Charlotte US Flt 3102
09/03/08 11:20am Arrive in New York JFK Airport
09/03/08 7:40pm Depart New York JJ Flt 8081

09/04/08 6:40am Arrive Sao Paulo Brazil
09/04/08 8:50am Depart Sao Paulo Brazil JJ Flt 3504
09/04/08 11:45am Arrive Recife
09/04/08 2:00pm Leave Recife for Outback
09/04/08 9:00pm Arrive at Outback

09/05/08 All Day Solidao-
Pray at the Mountain / Evangelism/Dental Clinic

09/06/08 8:00am Sao Francisco Village Evangelism
09/06/08 3:30pm Solidao - Soccer/Evangelism/Dental Clinic

09/07/08 8:00am Da Barra Village -
Children Ministry / House to House / Evangelism
09/07/08 3:00pm Solidao - Home Visitation / Dental Clinic
09/07/08 7:00pm Worship Service

09/08/08 8:00am Pelo Sinal Village - Childern Ministry / Evangelism
Home Visitation / Dental Clinic

09/09/08 8:00am Ingazeira - Cacimbinha Village- Evangelism
Home Visitation / Children Ministry
09/09/08 7:30pm Worship Service

09/10/08 7:00am Leave for Porto de Galinhas

09/11/08 All Day Porto De Galinhas

09/12/08 10:00pm Leave for Airport at Recife

09/13/08 3:55am Depart Recife to Sao Paulo Flt JJ3501
09/13/08 6:50am Arrive Sao Paulo
09/13/08 8:45am Depart Sao Paulo to New York Flt JJ8082
09/13/08 5:45pm Arrive New York
09/13/08 7:45pm Depart New York to CLT Flt US 313709/13/08 9:31pm Arrive Charlotte

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Image from Brazil

Photo from October 2007 trip.


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