Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday in Agua Branca

Today we travelled to a new city called Agua Branca. Pastor Carlos has been preparing for this visit for 5-6 months. It's a rather large city and is in another state---don't ask me the name please.

We started out in the school, in their "gym." It was sort of a covered cement basketball court but they use it for volleyball, soccer, and assemblies as well. Brooke, KP, and Chad shared their testimonies. (And let me just say that 16 yr old KP was a ROCK STAR to the girls there.) They were actually screaming for him when he walked up to speak! We all got a kick out of that and we'll try not to let it go to his head.

After lunch, we went to a small remote village almost an hour from Agua Branca. As with most of the other smaller villages in the outback, our bus can't go on the dirt/gravel/rocky/hole-filled roads. So we rode in pick-up truck taxis. Can I just say that we'll all be needing appointments with a chiropractor when we get home?

This village seemed very oppressed to us. Since it was such a long way there, we only had a little over an hour for house visits, prayer walking, and a school visit. Quite a few children prayed to receive Christ in the school after DJ used salvation bracelets to share the gospel. Another group went to an afterschool type program and another 8 kids prayed there. There were still more salvations through the home visits. As Pastor Carlos establishes more relationships in this area, it looks promising that this will be a place we'll return to on future trips.

I'd like to say that the kids on this team are blowing us all away. They are excited and willing and BOLD. They led our team devotion tonight and we were all commenting that we wished we had been more like them when we were their ages. The parents of the kids on this trip should be very proud. We are honored and blessed that they are on this team.

Tomorrow we return to Pelo Sinal to put a new roof on a house!! We'll also go on house visits and the guys will play soccer in Solidao in the afternoon. Go Team USA!


dougefresh said...

Praise God how He is continuing to open towns for the Gospel through the faithful efforts of missionaries such as Carlos and Moabi and the team's willingness to go water the seeds.May none of you ever be the same, especially the teens.
ps...any stories regarding the "widow maker" yet? chad, can u bring me home some coco blanco ice cream?

Harper said...

I'm glad ther are girls somewhere that like Kp..haha. ya'll be safe and have fun playing soccer(good luck chad0...harps

Tracy said...

Each of you on this team is a tremendous blessing!! Keep up the outstanding work. Gaze today upon the very face of your Creator and continue spreading His love and salvation! Praying for transformed lives! Thanks for the encouraging updates and keep them coming!